Why Do I Have Camera Shutter Lag and Other Delays?


Question: Why has the shutter lag and some delays happened when I am taking a photo?

Commonly, you often find two kinds of delays with entry-level digital cameras: The shutter lag and delays from shot to shot.

When you are selecting the automatic focusing mode, it may take a fraction of one second for the camera to make the focus on the photo. When there is not enough light, the first kind of delays, known as the shutter lag happens, which can take you a second or even more to shoot a photo. With this, you may not be able to capture some spontaneous moments or you may encounter the blurriness problem if the camera is not held steady during the lag. The shutter lag becomes more serous when you fully extend the long zoom lenses. One of the solutions for this situation is that you should hold down the shutter button halfway to have the photo pre-focused before shooting it.

The shutter lag often happens when you select the flash function as well, as it takes a certain amount of time for the focus-assisting light of the camera to fire for the focusing before the firing of the main flash occurs.

For the second kind of delays, known as shot-to-shot delays, it happens when your camera takes time to save the current image into the memory card and make the image sensor clear before taking the next photo. One solution for this delay is to use select the burst mode as this modes help you shoot a number of photos at the same preset size in some seconds.

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