The viewfinder is a small window that is positioned at the camera top as well as back panel that is used for framing your photos. In some certain cameras, you can find a traditional type of viewfinder, and several others may not include any viewfinder. For cameras that you don’t see a viewfinder, you often find an LCD with the live view or a liquid crystal display, for framing photos.

Below are the two common kinds of viewfinders found in a digital camera.

An optical viewfinder refers to an actual window that tries to match the going line of the main lens. Several advanced digital models connect the optical viewfinder with the lens. By using a set of built-in mirrors and prisms, now you can easily find the viewfinder look through the camera lens.

An electronic viewfinder, or abbreviated as EVF, refers to a small LCD which shows the photo that shall be taken. You can see the settings of the camera through the EVFs but it can be hard to see these EVFs when there is a lack of light.

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