Understanding Numbers on Camera Zoom Lenses


Question: Could you define the meanings of the numbers on the zoom lens of a digital camera?

Answer: It can be pretty challenging to understand the zoom lenses of digital cameras, especially the attached numbers on the lenses. The numbers found on the zoom lens help define the magnification levels of a zoom lens. However, you may get confused with these numbers as different manufacturers may have different highlighted numbers, such as the optical zoom measurement, digital zoom measurement or the combined zoom measurement. This is the key factor that you should remember: The optical zoom measurement should be focused the most as it is the measurement of the focal length of a camera zoom lens.

Numbers On The Zoom Lens

Numbers On The Zoom Lens

Also, do not forget when you work at understanding zoom lenses that the optical zoom measurements depending on different manufacturers will be different. For instance, the 10X measurement for Nikon might account for a 35mm film equivalent of 24mm-240mm, while another manufacturer may have a 35mm-350mm equivalent. (You can find these numbers on the list of camera specifications). Basically, those numbers involves in the magnification level and the lens capabilities to shoot at wide angles. The wide-angle capabilities for a lens with the 24mm measurement are more than that with the 35mm measurement, for instance. And in comparison with a 240mm lens, the magnification and wide-angle capabilities of a 350mm is greater.

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