Set Up Camera to Shoot Spontaneous Photos


Obviously, the ability to capture the spontaneous photo of once-in-a-lifetime moment shall certainly bring you the most wonderful feelings ever. Like when you’re going to able to capture a valuable moment as your daughter is opening your great gift with the happiness on her face, this photo makes you feel like a professional photographer

To shoot these spontaneous images, your camera must be ready to capture at any times. Or you may miss a chance that just lasts in one second or shorter. This is pretty challenging in photography.

Below, I’d like to list some of the tips that help you to better capture spontaneous moments and express your emotion more in the photos.

  • For a point and shoot model, I recommend you to have the camera pre-focused on the targeted subject by pressing and holding the shuttering button halfway. You can save the time before capturing the moment. There will be less shuttering lag and nicer autofocus results when you pre-focus the subject. This also enables you to put more of your emotion into the photo right as the spontaneous moments are coming.
  • Be sure to keep the camera in hand and prepare yourself to shoot the photo at any times. Otherwise, make sure that at least you have the camera in the room and know its position whenever you need it.
  • In order to get the camera ready at all times, you may need to set the power saving mode in a longer period of time than usual. If the saving mode is often set for 10 minutes, it can be extended to 20 minutes. By this way, your camera will be well prepared for any spontaneous moments. But don’t forget to charge the camera fully. The battery power needs to be enough for making this mode work for you.
  • Try to capture an image from a place where you don’t know in advance. You can easly have more natural and spontaneous subjects when they are not aware of a coming photo. But keep in mind that to avoid making someone upset by your capturing actions without having permission, you should notice everyone in advance about the way you’re going to shoot photos.
  • Different zoom options may bring you more chances to capture spontaneous images. For instance, at times, you’ll need the capacity to shoot nice photos at a short distance, perhaps when you see your child eating the snacks, for example. In other cases, the capability to shoot the entire subject with a long zoom is very nice for capturing a strange movement.
  • But if you are concerned about capturing a spontaneous image, you may want to set a certain zoom length in advance and leave it unchanged. Be sure about the location where the above zoom length can work greatly. By doing this, you won’t have to concern about changing the zoom lens while you are attempting to capture a valuable moment.
  • If there is not enough light to shoot the subjects which are flying, a tripod is recommended. By using the tripod, you can hold the camera firmly even under inadequate lighting conditions and your camera shall be always ready for shooting spontaneous moments.
  • You can have more opportunities to turn a standard image into a spontaneous one by trying various angles. For instance, instead of shooting a standard group image, you may walk down to the side to capture that group at the frame edge, maybe mainly focusing on the ones that are seeing the group. Or, instead of shooting the football players in a football event, you can choose to shoot the interesting emotion on the faces of the coach or the audience. This is nice to create a variety of interesting images.
  • In addition, you can seek for facial reaction after the occurring of an event. While other photographers focus on shooting the event, you can have entertaining photos of spontaneous reaction after the event.
  • Lastly, you should not miss any spontaneous image chances. Let me take an example. For instance, perhaps you are preparing to capture a group family image photo outside the house at 4 p.m. When the whole family are preparing for the group image, the spontaneous moment can be 5 or 10 minutes before. This can be very interesting and more unforgettable compared to the group image. Never forget to be ready anytime as you can.

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