Samsung WB250F Review


Overview of the Samsung WB250F

The Samsung WB250F camera is very sharp-looking and it brings a lot of fun to use this camera because its zoom lens is large and there are many special effect features.

The menu structure is very easy to use for photographing beginners with a great LCD screen. This make the WB250F as easy to use as a smartphone even though there are far greater photography features. And you can use the built-in Wi-Fi to share your photos via social networking sites immediately after the photos are shot.

Especially, it is great that the price has fallen below $200 within the past several weeks.

Unfortunately, the image quality of the WB250F is not really good. You will see some softness with the autofocus and it is not really good to view the photos of large sizes. If you are the one who want to share photos via social networking sites, you will be happy with the strengths of the WB250Fcamera. The model brings a pretty good value despite some problems with the image quality because of the advanced features and the lower price tag recently under the MSRP of $249.99.

Overview of the Samsung WB250F Camera


  • The resolution is 14.2 megapixels
  • The optical zoom lens is 18X (24-432 mm)
  • The 3.0-inch LCD screen is a 460,000-pixel touchscreen
  • The image size is 4320 x 3240 pixels at maximum
  • The camera use a Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • The dimensions are 4.19 x 2.35 x 1.26 inches
  • The camera weighs 6.8 ounces (with battery and memory card included)
  • The 1/2.33 in image sensor use the CMOS technology
  • A HD 1080p movie mode is supported


  • It is very easy to use the high-quality touchscren LCD, especially for beginners
  • Built-in Wi-Fi is nice to find at this price
  • Menu structure is organized in a smart, natural way
  • Popup flash provides good results in low light
  • In-camera special effects are fun to use


  • Image quality is not really good because of some softness in the autofocus
  • Images look a bit odd when viewed at large sizes because of in-camera processing
  • Shutter lag problems exist
  • Battery must be charged inside the camera
  • Start-up could be faster
Samsung WB250F Camera Review for Buyer

Samsung WB250F Camera Review for Buyer

Detail Review of Samsung WB250F Camera

Image Quality

As I mentioned before, the image quality is the biggest weakness with the Samsung WB250F camera. When the photos are shown at small sizes, for example, for sharing via social networking sites like Facebook – the image quality is pretty ok.

However, when you want to view them at large size on the computer screen or make large prints, some image quality happens. You will see the softness with the autofocus, which is considerable when you view the photos at large size. In addition, with some noise problems as well as an over-processed appearance, the images themselves encounter some problems at large sizes.

The image quality could be obviously better if a larger image sensor is included with this Samsung camera, rather than the current small image sensor which is just 1/2.33 inches. Of course, the price will be higher with a large image sensor.

The movie quality is acceptable with this camera and there are a lot of video resolutions which include the full HD movie mode.


It is very impressive to see a lot of great features with the WB250F camera when considering the price that has fallen below $200.

The touch screen LCD is very bright, which is a great feature in such an expensive camera. And the menu structure was well organized to match with this touch screen. The touch sensors with this screen are very responsive. It is very easy to use the camera with those features. In addition, the built-in help screens also help beginning users understand each of the WB250F’s features easily.

Moreover, the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity is another great advantage at this price point, in which you can share your photos easily online.

The battery life with this camera is pretty good. But when you use the Wi-Fi connectivity on a regular basis, the battery will be drained more quickly.

While the camera performs pretty well with the “add-on” features, the performance related to photography with the Samsung WB250F is not as good as expected. Some spontaneous photos may be missing because the shutter lag happens sometimes. The start up speed is also not fast as well.

The popup flash unit, which is located on the center of the camera body, does help bring a pretty great performance levels for shooting photos in which you use the flash. This is a nice option for taking group photos during a night out that can be used for being shared on social networking sites later.


The WB250F camera has included a very impressive feature – it is the large 18X optical zoom lens. However, you cannot find many “stops” in the structure of the optical zoom lens. Hence, it will be not easy to stop the telephoto lens accurately based on the zoom setting.

The design of the WB250F camera is very stylish and sharp. There are four solid color options for the camera bodies, in which I reviewed the white one and its impressive look really attracted me.

This is a pretty thin camera, which is popular with the 1-inch thickness in many places and the widest one is measured at 1.26 inches. It can be favorably compared to other large zoom thin cameras with its large 18X optical zoom lens.

You can make use of a variety of manual control features with this camera. Those feature allows you to use the camera as a fully automatic camera in full Manual modes and Program Auto.


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