Samsung ST80 Review


Overview of the Samsung ST80 Camera

Through this review, you will see that the Samsung ST80 is a nice digital camera, which offers several very interesting features, including the WiFi connectivity as well as the LCD touch screen with the measurement of 3.0 inches. However, there are some other features that are not as nice as I have expected. The most significant one among these features is the image quality that is not really consistent as I expect for a model under the sub-$250 price range. In addition, just microSD memory card is acceptable for this ST80, which is slightly inconvenient.

The Samsung ST80 would have been a nicer camera if its image quality were more consistent with a zoom lens of larger than 3X.

Samsung ST80 Camera Review Buy

Samsung ST80 Camera Review Buy

The ST80 digital model from Samsung offers the built-in WiFi connecting capability. The camera bodies are now available in four color options: silver, red, black and blue

Brief Review of the Samsung ST80 Camera


  • It is nice to find an LCD touch screen in such a camera at this low price
  • The performance of the camera is great when you shoot photos outdoors
  • The WiFi connecting capability is a nice extra advantage, which you don’t often find in many point and shoot cameras, which makes the uploads easy
  • This model is very thin, so it is not difficult to hold and use


  • It would be nicer if the optical zoom lens was larger than 3X and its performance is faster when zooming
  • Indoor image quality is not consistent, and you may have images washed out by the flash for photos over very short distances.
  • Sometimes, it can be hard to select the touch screen commands correctly
  • The battery requires to be charged inside the camera


  • The resolution is 14.2 MP
  • The optical zoom is 3X (equivalent to 35-105mm)
  • The 3.0-inch LCD touch screen has the resolution of 230,000 pixels
  • The image size is 4320 x 3240 pixels at maximum
  • The camera uses a Li-ion battery which can be rechargeable
  • The image dimensions are 3.62 x 2.18 x 0.73 inches
  • The camera weighs 3.81 ounces (the battery and memory card are not included)
  • The 1/2.3 in image sensor applies the CCD technology
  • A 720p HD movie mode is supported

Detailed Review of the Samsung ST80 Camera

Image Quality

When you shoot photos in the outdoor lighting conditions, the image quality of the Samsung ST80 is pretty good. You can be satisfied with the precise colors as well as the good exposure, even when shooting under the bright sunlight or places under the shadows.

In low-priced cameras, problems often arise when you shoot photos under inadequate lighting conditions and the Samsung ST80 is not an exception. You can have the sharp focus for both photos shot outdoors and indoors but you may encounter some problems with the exposure of photos shot indoors. Sometimes, you may have the pretty bad underexposure when shooting in areas of shadows. If you shoot a photo indoors with both shadows and light, you may encounter several exposing problems.

If the flash must be used, you should try not to shoot photos over extremely short distances, because the final results may be washed out images. However, the focus of the macro images over very short distances can be pretty sharp when you don’t use the flash. Actually, in the testing, I found that the focus of this camera was sharper when using the automatic mode than the macro mode, especially when you shoot subjects over short distances.


The ST80 camera has very fast response times, but there is some lag with the camera shutter when you shoot photos under inadequate lighting conditions.

It’s a bit disappointing that the zoom lens of the ST80 doesn’t offer high magnification and sufficient wide angle capabilities. The moving speed of the camera zoom lens is also slow when you change the magnification settings.

You can manually control some of the ST80 camera settings but this is pretty limited. The control options are available for setting the white balance, exposure as well as the ISO.


The Samsung ST80 brings you a well-built feel though it is a very thin and small camera. With this size and shape, you can find it easy to keep the camera in your hands as well use it.

As commonly found in other Samsung cameras, the menu of the ST80 is very well-organized. Therefore, it is not difficult at all to work with this menu.

I did not like some aspects of the ST80 design. Firstly, the battery requires to be charged inside the camera as there is not any stand-alone battery charger. This means that even when you have a second battery, the first battery still cannot be charged while you are using the second one to capture images. Secondly, just microSD memory cards are acceptable with this camera and this type of memory card does not have the regular sizes that you often find in SD memory cards.

It is nice to find an LCD touch screen with the Samsung ST80. However, although the diagonal measurement is 3 inches, this screen is still slightly small, and you may not always be able to select the commands/options on the screen correctly. There is not any other button for the menu controlling, so you have to use the LCD touchscreen to work with the menus. When you use the camera under the direct sunlight, there may be a little bit of glare that appears on the LCD, but this is not considerable.

Lastly, a nice extra advantage of the Samsung ST80 is the inclusion of the WiFi connectivity. Together with the LCD touch screen, this built-in WiFi makes the Samsung ST80 pretty different among the models in the same price range. If you are really interested in these two offerings, the ST80 shall bring you a very nice value. If you don’t really want the above two features, the Samsung ST80 may not be really appealing to you.

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