Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Review


Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

  • Resolution: 16 MPs for the primary camera and 1.9 MPs for secondary camera
  • Image sensor: 1/2.3 inch CMOS
  • Optical zoom: 10X
  • LCD: 4.3-inch, 518,400 pixels, touchscreen
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Dimensions: 4.94 x 2.52 x 0.61
  • Weight: 7.34 ounces
  • Movie mode: HD 1080 pixelsPros
    • The combination of smartphone and mid-level camera is great
    • The 10X optical zoom is better than that of other smartphones
    • The camera can work with both Wi-Fi and cellular networks
    • In-camera special effects and editing options bring fun to users
    • Touch screen and smart menus are great


    • Starting price is very high compared to cameras with similar features
    • Start-up takes a lot of time
    • Movie quality could be quite a bit better
    • S4 Zoom is much larger and thicker than most smartphones
    • Not worth purchasing for the separate camera option; to deserve the cost if you want the smartphone capabilities of the S4 Zoom too
Review-Samsung-Galaxy S4 Zoom camera smartphone combination

Review-Samsung-Galaxy S4 Zoom camera smartphone combination

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in Samsung’s products, you will know that the manufacture of this camera tend to combine the features with beautiful designs. Among the latest products, the S4 Zoom is the most outstanding model. It is the combination between camera and a cellphone. In this article, I will review mainly about the photography capabilities, not about functions of smartphone, despite the fact that it is a good smartphones with enough necessary functions.

Two of the strongest points of this smartphone camera is that the optical zoom lens is up to 10X and the resolution of the camera is up to 16 megapixels, which are not included in many other smartphone cameras. Other features are still ok for a smartphone. For example, it can work with 4G networks or Wi-Fi as well. You will find it easy to use the camera with its LCD touch screen – a quite big screen, up to 4.3 inches.

However, because it is a little bigger in comparison to many other smartphones, this is also a hindrance. It will be inconvenient for putting this device into your pocket. Especially, in an urgent call, it will be quite frustrated to take the call.

Besides, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is quite expensive. With the price suggested by retailers at about $800, it will not really make you satisfied when you compare its ability to take photos with those of a standalone digital camera at the same price range.

But you know that the suggested price is not the fixed price. It is just a suggestion, right? This price can be less than the suggested price, not more than $200 only if you buy it separately. Now, when I write this review, it is only available in a cellular network contract. If the price is lower and you feel ok with some inconvenience I have listed, you should consider this a potential option. Instead of bringing a camera and a smartphone separately, you just need one device only.

Image Quality

The image quality of the S4 Zoom is quite good. It can be good among point and shoot cameras in comparison with other standalone digital cameras. Although the image sensor is not large and this makes it difficult for you to have large prints at good quality, the strong point is that the available zoom lens is supported, up to a 10X.

For most users now, it does not matter much with the inability to create large prints. You can find it easy to share your photos online with the available Wi-Fi and 4G networks of the S4 Zoom.

The S4 Zoom’s camera has more advantages than other smartphone cameras. Its image quality is much better than that of other ones. It is a strong player among camera smartphone thanks to including the optical zoom lens and the support of built-in flash. You can easily capture self-portraits thanks to the resolution up to 1.9 megapixels. The time required for pointing and shooting images is very quick.

However, the movie recording function is not really good when you compare it with other cameras of the same class. Don’t expect too much on the functions for recording movies. Even the S4 Zoom has 10X zoom lens, using it for shooting movies is very terrible.


You can control the settings manually and just use automatic settings without making any effort to adjust them in the Galaxy S4 Zoom. There are many modes offered in this camera. You are able to make manual adjustments through the LCD touchscreen. Besides, you can make your photos more and more interesting with many available special effects.

Response times is also a good point of this device. The shutter lag or shot to shot delays is very little. Both the shutter lag and shot to shot delays are less than those of other cameras with similar features. In regards of those aspects, this model outperforms the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which has been reviewed for some months.

One area that Samsung makes it similar to the Galaxy Camera is the time for starting up. It requires not less than 40 seconds for taking another photo since the time you shut down you camera. You still have to wait some seconds from the sleep mode before shooting a photo. Due to this a bit low starting-up time, sometimes, some interesting moments may be missed while you are trying to operate the camera.

While it allows just about a couple of hours before you need to recharge a camera of a basic class, the time for continuous operation of the S4 Zoom is up to several hours. The Battery life of the S4 Zoom is really good.


With the appearance similar to other cameras of the point and shoot type, the S4 Zoom includes the S4 Zoom with the shutter button on the top panel. For most of smartphone cameras, it is typically easier to shoot in the vertical direction, the S4 Zoom is different. The camera was designed for use in horizontal direction, which is similar to many digital cameras, allowing it to capture wide field images. The back of the S4 Zoom is covered almost entirely with a large 4.3-inch LCD, making it look like any other smartphone.

The design of the touchscreen is a strong point of Samsung, with creating menus and functions  to take the best advantage of the touchscreen. The camera is run by the operating system Android 4.2. Basically, the manufacturer integrates a lot of functions of a smartphone into the Galaxy S4 Zoom. That is why you will find no difficulty in using this smartphone. Unlike Samsung, more camera makers tend to bring the design of a smartphone interface into cameras in which the menus are arranged on touchscreen LCDS and more graphical elements are added.

Because you have to use the right hand to grip the camera and the lens is part of the camera, the thicker and larger size is the biggest drawback to the Galaxy S4 Zoom’s design. Although the thickness is publicized to be 0.61 inches, the actual thickness may be a little bit more than that. It may cause some inconvenience if you want to put in into your medium-size pockets. You will find it inconvenient as well to get it out of the pocket in cases of urgent calls.

The last good point of the Galaxy S4 Zoom is that both the basic functions of a camera and a smartphone are integrated in this device. However, to make the best use of this combination, you cannot take full advantage of functions of both a camera and a smartphone separately. Just a few models on the market can do this. Despite not being a perfect one if you separate the two functions apart, it is a perfect combination.

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