Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone Camera Review


Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone

  • Resolution of the primary camera: 13 MPs
  • Resolution of the secondary camera: 2 MPs
  • Maximum image size: 4128 x 3096 pixels
  • Optical zoom: None
  • Dimensions: 5.95 x 3.12 x 0.33 inches
  • LCD: 5.7-inch AMOLED touch screen, resolution 1920×1080 (full HD quality)
  • Battery: Rechargeable (type: Li-Ion)
  • Weight: 5.93 ounces
  • Movie mode: HD 1080 pixels and 4K

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in Samsung’ products recently, you will be aware that this manufacturer pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their product. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the recent examples. In view of the operational interfaces, there is a similarity between digital cameras and smartphones. Both those products are design with a touchscreen. This screen is one of the factors that make both digital cameras and smartphone cameras are incredibly convenient to be used.

You don’t have to worry about the resolution of The Samsung Galaxy Note. It is extremely large up to 13 megapixels – one of the biggest number on the smartphone camera market. Although high-quality photos are not the things that you should expect too much, this large resolution number is really an advantage that you cannot ignore. With this resolution, the images are better than those from other smartphone cameras.

The images of The Galaxy Note 3 is very good – it is as good as many common cameras. However, one weak point of this camera is that it does not have an optical zoom lens while a zoom lens is almost must-have for most point and shoot digital cameras – even the most basic ones. Therefore, if lacking a zoom lens does not matter to you and you just need good images to show on social networks, this one is truly a great choice.


(NOTE: Because some point and shoot cameras are being replaced by smartphone cameras more and more now, on the Cameras site, sometimes reviews of smartphones cameras appear. However, this doesn’t mean all the features, such as calling, texting, apps, or other features. It only focuses on the camera features of a smartphone. Consequently, people give the star rating for a smartphone camera in comparison with digital cameras, not with other smartphones, or smartphone cameras alone).

Image Quality of Galaxy Note 3 Camera 

The images created by the Galaxy Note 3 are much better than those of other smartphone cameras on the market. Even those images are as good as those of many some point and shoot digital cameras. It is impossible to create large prints with high quality. However, it can satisfy you well if you just want to share those images on social networks.

What a pity that there is no optical zoom lens in this smartphone camera. Otherwise, it will be a very good option for beginners on photography if they just want it mainly for photographing purposes.

The Galaxy Note 3 has an extremely large amount of resolution. It is up to 13 megapixels of resolution, a big number among many cameras of the same type. However, you may encounter one problem with this camera when the camera shake happens. It may cause the photoes to be a little bit blur. Unlike some other devices, there is only one shutter button right on the screen. Because of this, it will be difficult for users to hold the device steady and press this button stimutaneously. Especially in low light conditions, this problem makes you more frustrated. Then, you will have to use the handy LED flash for these conditions for indoor photos.

You can adjust the white balance or an ISO up to 800; however,  most of people don’t want to perform this. Most of them just want to keep the manual control settings unchanged. Besides, the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone camera’s basic automatic settings is quite acceptable for most photographers.

Performance of Samsung Smartphone Camera

In general, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 works quite well. The camera of this smartphone is very good. All of these are all based on a 2.3GHz quad-core processor. The internal storage of the memory is large, up to 32 GB. Besides, a microSD memory card of 32 GB  is still ok if you want to use. Then, the total memory can be up to 64GB.

This camera smartphone works pretty fast; therefore, you will not have to experience serious shutter lag. In normal lighting conditions, you will find the shot to shot delays very short – just less than 1 second. But for low light conditions that you have to use the LED flash unit, you need to wait for some seconds to take another photo after the previous photo is shot.

One highlighted feature of this camera smartphone is its battery life. You will not have to recharge the camera during several hours with dozen of photos taken. 

Design of The Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone

One attractive point of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is its amazing screen. It become a very powerful one with the AMOLED display screen. The screen is up to 5.7-inch. A full HD display is supported for the touch screen. You will feel satisfied when looking at both still image photos and videos on this very large screen.

Certainly, besides the strong point above, the large size of the Galaxy Note 3 is also a hindrance. With the length of 6 inches, you may find it uncomfortable to put it into your pocket. To make up for this length is its minimum thickness. It is just 0.33 inches thin and it weighs less than 6 ounces. Consequently, the Galaxy Note 3 can be considered a good device.

And this large touch screen display is also taken full advantage to create the navigational features of the Galaxy Note 3. It is not difficult at all to use the camera.

There are many special effect options you can find on this Samsung smartphone camera. You can make fun with it.


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