Samsung Galaxy Camera Review


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The Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is so interesting that I appreciated it by giving it a higher star rating. But the most important thing for me to give a higher rating is its image quality. It’s hard to appreciate the camera, if it doesn’t take beautiful photos compared to other cameras being similar in price.

It is similar to the Galaxy Camera. Although its image quality is easy to post photos on the Internet, it doesn’t work normally as making huge prints. I cannot appreciate it because its image quality is relatively good but below the average of the others at the price of $450.

Anyway, the camera is considered the good photographer because it has a lot of special features such as 21X optical zoom lens, 4.8-inch touch screen LCD, and built-in Wi-Fi among them. Therefore, the camera may be a correct choice although it has the high price and common image quality.

Also, with a large zoom lens, the Galaxy Camera is suitable for photographers who need a camera using easily and want to quickly upload to the Internet. Samsung consists of a number of smartphone that are similar to this features. The Galaxy Camera is applied a lot of these features. The camera would be appreciated if its features were important for me to assess it.

Provided you can bear this shortcomings of camera and buy it, the camera is useful for you. Let’s throw the star rating away in that case!


Resolution: 16.3 megapixels

Optical zoom: 21X (23-483 mm)

LCD: 4.8-inch, 921,600 pixels (1280×720 HD resolution), touch screen

Maximum image size: 4608 x 3456 pixels

Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion

Dimensions: 5.07 x 2.79 x 0.75 (at thinnest point) inches

Weight: 10.6 ounces

Image sensor: CMOS 1/2.3 in.

Movie mode: HD 1080p (30 fps)


Touch screen in 4.8-inch is a prominent feature.

Similarly to a smartphone, its menu structure is designed consistently.

21X optical zoom lens really makes the difference between this camera and smartphones.

Built-in Wi-Fi helps this camera share photos on the webpage.

Popup flash brings good image quality despite low light


Its price is higher than other models which are similar to image quality.

It need a larger image sensor to prove its image quality.

There are some shutter lag problems.

Some image softness appears in most photos.

Noise interrupts in many low light images.

Image Quality

Its image quality is a leading problem you can face when using the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The camera owns a small 1/2.3-inch image sensor resulting in some problems on image quality.

About image quality, the Galaxy Camera operates well in comparison of other cameras applied a small image sensor. However, compared to its price, the problems of image quality need considering. In fact, it’s waste if investing in the camera which cannot take a picture with pin sharp image.

Thanks to its large popup flash unit, the camera is able to take flash photos with high image quality. However, when taking photos in the case of low light, it makes some noise in images itself.

The camera provides realistic colors. Besides, in order to sharing photos, the image quality is more consistent through the connection between the Galaxy Camera’s built-in Wi-Fi and social network. However, the camera cannot create sharp pictures for large prints.


The Galaxy Camera is applied innovate operation features. Firstly, the large 4.8-inch LCD screen is quite bright and sharp. Moreover, it is a touch screen LCD that is easy to use. Obviously, the menu system of camera with the touch screen is very impressed.

The 21X optical zoom lens is one of the noticeable features. It makes the prominence of the Galaxy Camera because it no longer is a glorified smartphone. The built-in Wi-Fi found with the Galaxy Camera is set and used easily in some newer cameras of Samsung.

Besides, models of the Galaxy Camera through Verizon and AT&T is your best choice because along with Wi-Fi, they uses 4G technology.  As a result, these versions is more expansive than the Wi-Fi-only version. The reason is that at the time purchasing the camera, customer has to cost for a data plan through one of the two service providers.

Good battery life is an advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The camera has the essential power to use in a long time. However, large battery adds to the weight of camera. Noticeably, turn the Wi-Fi extensively off when not necessary, if not, the battery drains quickly.


Design of the Galaxy Camera is assessed very high. The installment of the Android OS helps it perform as in a manner of smartphone. The working way is very impressive. Specially, this is the first time a camera has such a large LCD screen along with the Android OS, although previously, Samsung has said the Galaxy NX DIL camera is the same.

As a smartphone, downloading and storing a diversity of apps is what you can do with the Galaxy Camera through using one in the two connection ways – Wi-Fi and the 4G.

In addition, it owns a well-looking shape. In order to have more power, it is a big camera with the large LCD. It is about 10 ounces in weight.

Although the Galaxy Camera may be considered as a point-and-shoot digital camera, it can works continuously with two impressive features.

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