Samsung DV300F Review


Overview of the Samsung DV300F camera

Commonly, for reviewers on digital cameras, the image quality is often the most important thing to consider for most cameras. Therefore, if the under-expected image quality creates bad photos, no other aspect can make up for this.

However, the feeling when using a camera is also important. What I want to mention here is the fun factor. If it is ok with the image quality, this factor helps you narrow down the choices when you are considering several different point and shoot cameras.

To acknowledge this liking, the Samsung DV300F is really a great latest model among recent DualView cameras. The two LCD screens are nice. In addition, you can connect the camera with the Internet thanks to the strong Wi-Fi capability. This built-in feature enables you to share photos on social networks very easily. Even its image quality is better than that of many other cameras of the same sub-$150 price range.

If you want some advanced features, this Samsung camera may not meet your expectation. However, to consider the great combination between the image quality, the performance and the fun factor, this is really a wonderful camera to choose. Just purchase it without having to concern about your experiences on photography.

Summary of the Samsung DV300F Camera


  • Resolution: 16.0 megapixels
  • Optical zoom: 5X (25-125 mm)
  • LCDs:3.0-inch, 460,000 pixels on back; 1.5-inch, 61,000 pixels on front
  • Maximum image size: 4608 x 3456 pixels
  • Battery:Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Dimensions:3.75 x 2.22 x 0.79 inches
  • Weight:3.63 ounces (without battery and memory card)
  • Image sensor:CCD 1/2.33 in.
  • Movie mode:HD 720p


  • The dual view LCDs does bring fun, in which the high quality of the back LCD is a very strong point
  • The image quality is overly better than that of many cameras of the same price range
  • It is easy to use the Wi-Fi connectivity feature
  • The value of the DV300F is worth your money
  • It is one of the better ultra thin cameras on the market


  • The zoom lens is a little bit small
  • Camera control buttons would be larger
  • There are not many color options for this fun camera
  • The number of manual-control options is very limited
  • Makes use of microSD memory cards
Samsung DV300F Review Buy

Samsung DV300F Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Samsung DV300F

Image Quality

Do not forget that the Samsung DV300F is primarily designed to be a portrait camera. Therefore, for portrait images, the image quality is of the best. The performance of the flash is also pretty good. You just need to keep a certain distance from the subject to avoid producing blown-out images.

The 5X optical zoom lens is a little small; therefore, you cannot shoot nature photos over a too far distance. But, in fact, this is not a model which is specialized for nature photography. With the LCD on the front and with the Wi-Fi capabilities, you will likely intend to take portraits and share on social networks more. If you need a model for the above nature photography, other thin cameras with large zooms seem to be more proper.

Besides, there is a variety of special effects which brings you a lot of fun. This is a great aspect of the DV300F camera.

Although the movie resolution is not high with this camera, just limited to 720p, it does not matter if you just want to share your videos via social networking. The quality is still ok for this purpose.


There are some little shutter lag and if you use the flash, sometimes, you may encounter the delays from shots to shot. However, not many cameras of competitors around $150 prices could have the pretty good response times like the Samsung DV300F. The speed of initializing the camera is faster than that of many similarly priced models.

The fully automatic mode works nicely with this camera which helps the use of this point-and-shoot camera become easier. Therefore, even there are a few manual settings, it does not matter. You can adjust basic settings such as the ISO settings or the white balance with the above full automatic setting.

The Wi-Fi connectivity is pretty easy with the DV300F. Samsung has provided you the software with pretty thorough steps, in which you find no difficulty in following them. But remember that you have to pay attention to the battery when using the Wi-Fi network because it runs out more quickly. In case that you use this Dual View camera for the common shooting situations, the Standard battery life is pretty ok. Just when you use the Wi-Fi or the front LCD screen, it drains quickly.

There are some available apps to help you control your DV300F camera via your smartphone if you like to do it.


Obviously, one of the most outstanding features of the Samsung DV300F is the design with the dual LCD screens. You will see a very sharp and bright LCD screen which is measured at 3.0 inch in thickness on the back panel of the camera.

The second LCD on the front is a half thinner, just 1.5 inches diagonally. Although this LCD screen is not sharp, it is ok with the intended purpose. Samsung helps you easily take self-portraits with this front LCD screen. There are some interesting animation which caught the attention of naughty kids when there photos are taking. With a self-timer countdown mode on the screen, it is much more convenient for you to be ready for the photos when you can see the recording time right at the current moments.

This front LCD feature is extremely amazing and you cannot find it with most other cameras. Not only you but many other people will be attracted at the first glance to pay attention to it.

The menu of this camera is organized a very good manner. There are a lot of graphics on the menu, which is typical for most cameras manufactured by Samsung. Thanks to this numerous graphics, it is not difficult for you at all to select the mode. The menus are also very nice together with the 3.0-inch LC screen.

The Samsung DV300F is a pretty thin camera. And when the LCD on the front panel is activated, it looks exactly the same as a point-and-shoot camera. For such a “fun” camera, the color options would be more diverse for you to decide, not just limited to the silver or black colors. In general, the DV300F looks thin and beautiful.

The control buttons located on the back panel are a little bit small, which is quite a common drawback for the design of such group buttons. However, the strong points of this camera may get you easily ignore those small weaknesses. It is not easy at all to find both the good image quality and the fun factor within just one camera the DV300F, at least for shooting portrait images. In addition to this wonderful feature with the two LCDS, the mix between the performance, the value as well as the stylish look make the Samsung DV300F a very nice option.

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