Resolution refers to the total quantity of pixels which can be recorded in an image by the image sensor of a digital camera. You often see the megapixel unit shown in the specification list of a digital camera, which accounts for millions of pixels.

In the theory, with digital models, the larger amount of resolution shown the more sharpness and larger printing sizes of photos. However, the important thing is that the high quality of photos is not only determined by the amount of resolution as there are a lot of other factors that affect the image quality, for example, the shutter speed, the quality of the lens or the lighting conditions outside the camera.

When you see the specification list of a digital model, there are possibly two types of resolution: Overall resolution and effective resolution. You should pay attention more to the effective type because it is more useful.

Resolution also show whether how sharp an image is when it is shown on the LCD screen of a digital image frame. The quantity of pixels that forms the LCD screen is also the resolution of the image frame. If the frame has the larger amount of resolution, the image will be displayed more sharply in the LCD in comparison with a frame of a smaller amount of resolution.

Also Called: Effective Resolution or Overall Resolution

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