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Canon has led the digital camera market for many years, especially well known for the PowerShot as well as Rebel product lines. In 2007, Canon was the world leading camera company with the total manufacturing of 25.2 million and accounted for 19.2% of the market share – stated the Techno Systems Research report

Best Canon Cameras Review & Buy

Best Canon Cameras Review & Buy

The PowerShot E1 was launched into the market in 2008 and there are three color options with this camera, including: pink, white, or blue.

The History of Canon

In 1937, Canon was established in Tokyo, Japan. There have been a number of group companies in the world, in which Canon USA in America is the leading one. Canon USA has the head office in Lake Success, New York.

RC-701 was the first digital solid model which was first launched into the market in July 1986. Since then, there have been hundreds of various digital cameras, including the well-known PowerShot models which are targeted at beginning photographers.

For photographers at the intermediate and professional level, more than 14 million digital SLR (single-lens reflex) models has been sold and more than 53 million SLR film and digital models has been sold out since the first launch into the market in 2959. Later, the Rebel series of SLR digital models was introduced in 2003, which is another popular produce line of company.

Canon has led the digital camera industry with several various SLR camera innovations, which can be listed as follows:

  • 1976. The AE-1, the first camera of SLR models offering an integrated computer processing unit (CPU) chip.
  • 1987. The Canon EOS 650, the first auto-focus SLR offering electronic control for the whole system.
  • 2008. The 5D Mark II, the first digital SLR offering HD digital movie recording

Current Product Lines of Canon

The Canon’s current product lines are not only aimed at the SLR but also consumer market.

  • SLR models. The low-end of SLR models are Rebel cameras with the price range of $600 to $1,000. The top-end SLR cameras include the Mark II and Mark III models at the pretty high prices. The price range is around $2,500 – $8,000.
  • Consumer models. For the consumer market, the manufacturer provides advanced point-and-shoot cameras s in the G and S series which have the prices from around $300 to $500. You can easily find point-and-shoot models of the small size and stylish design with the Digital ELPH cameras, which has the price range of from $200 to $400. You will find it very easy to use the A models which has the prices of $100-$250 and works with disposable batteries.
  • Related products. Beside SLR and consumer cameras, you also find some other products, such as: digital camcorders, compact photo printers, large-format inkjet printers, photo inkjet printers, film scanners, photo scanners, or negative scanners. And it is very convenient to shop for cameras accessories on the website, such as: lenses, batteries, battery chargers, AC adapters, memory cards, flash units, remote shutters, or camera bags, and many more other products.

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