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In the past, the camera of the Olympus Tough product series are, in general, not too impressive. The relatively newly launched Olympus TG-830 iHS seems to be quite similar to those of the past in term of the design. However, the photography features and other performance aspects are much better in comparison to the older waterproof generation.

At the $200 price range, the Olympus TG-830 iHS camera model is considered a nice one thanks to its tough and waterproof features. The fast performance can satisfy you and you don’t have to concern much about the shutter lag. In terms of the image quality, I can say that this model is slightly better than most of the similarly priced cameras. Besides, there are quite interesting add-ons; for example, the GPS is supported, the LCD screen is sharp and bright and e-compass is also integrated.

With the above reviews, we highly recommend this model among many other cameras. However, there are still some drawbacks that you should be ware of. One of them is about the optical zoom lens. Because the optical zoom lens is just limited to 5X, you won’t able to take photos from a very far distances.

Except not having a large zoom lens, the Olympus TG-830 iHS is a good camera to choose. The low price, the waterproof and the tough features are all the things that can satisfy you.

Summary of the Olympus TG-830 iHS camera


•  16 MP Resolution

•  5X (28-140mm) optical zoom

•  3.0-inch & 460,000-pixel LCD screen

•  Maximum image size at 4608 x 3456

•  Rechargeable Li-Ion battery:

 •  Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.6 x 1.1 inches

•  Weight: 7.5 ounces (without battery and memory card)

•  1/2.3 in CMOS image sensor

•  HD 1080p movie mode


  • Good image quality and performance among other cameras of the same price range.
  • TG-830 iHS is not difficult to use
  • The built-in LED, e-compass and GPS are all supported
  • The easy-to-use model dial is another advantage
  • The two compartments are double locked to ensure the waterproof capacity


  • The optical zoom lens is just limited to 5X
  • The design is quite identical to a point and shoot camera
  • The control buttons are small and poorly marked
  • The softness sometimes appears next to the edges of images
  • The battery life could be better
Olympus TG-830 iHS Review Buy

Olympus TG-830 iHS Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Olympus TG-830 iHS

Image Quality

The image sensor of this model is a little bit small, just 1/2.3-inch. Therefore, the image quality in general is not really great. However, at this price range, the image sensor size of the TG-830 iHS is still good enough for producing photos which have the better image quality than expected.

However, there still remains some softness near the edges of the photos. When you set the ISO at the mid-to-high level, some noise generated may cause irritation to the users. And especially, under the fluorescent light setting, the auto balances does not perform well, which cause some weird skin colors.

One good point of this Olympus camera is the accurate colors in the outdoor conditions. In the middle of the frame, the images look very sharp. Although you should not expect to make very large prints with the TG-830 his, photos of the middle-sizes and those for sharing on the internet are very great. Browsing around the internet we hardly find any complaint of this camera

The resolution of the TG-830 iHS is up to 16 MP. For cameras at the $200 price point, this resolution is considered pretty good. You can select for aspect ratios for the photos as well.


The shutter lag and shot-to-shot delays are just at the minimal level. Consequently, the performance of the TG-830 is considered pretty good among other cameras of the same prices. There are a variety of burst modes for you to select. This advantage also makes this camera a nice model.

Thanks to the very bright 3.0-inch LCD, the screen of the TG-830 iHS is above the average level among the ones of the similar prices. This bright and sharp screen is also great for shooting underwater

In addition, the built-in GPS unit and e-compass are also essential when you tend to go hiking and need a camera with those features integrated. This combination is really convenient for such a single device.

There still remains one weak point of this camera which may disappoint you. It is the small zoom lens. Because it is just limited to 5X, the TG-830 iHS is not the proper one for taking photos from a far distances. The TG-830 iHS is one of the few cameras that do not have a common 10X optical zoom lens. You want to take daily photos; this limitation may make you a little bit concerned.

But you will find the “tough” features of this camera quite nice versus those of other cameras of the same price range. Even in cases of 7-feet falling, it is still ok. The capacity of working under the water is up to 33 feet. Of course, the capacities increase when you pay higher prices for other cameras, but this capacity of the TG-830 iHS is still amazing for beginning users of a point and shoot camera who want to capture photos underwater.

One thing to take note is that if you are using the LED or GPS functionalities, you will drain the battery fast, even though there is a great improvement of the battery life of this camera.


With a camera including the waterproof and tough features like the Olympus TG-830 iHS, a little bit heavy feeling is nice. And this camera does a good job with this aspect. Yet, the 1.1-inch thickness still keeps this one a quite thin camera. The hand grip part is covered with rubber, which make it comfortable to keep the camera in hand, especially in cases of being wet.

Both the two compartments of the battery and USB are double locked. Then, it creates more safety when using the Olympus camera in underwater situations. In those specific cases, a loose compartment needs to be avoided.

The mode dial is also supported in this camera, which makes you feel easier to use the model. And you’ll find it pretty simple to use with a lot of explanations appearing clearly on the screen. This is great for beginning photographers.

In terms of the appearance and arrangements of different parts, The TG-830 iHS look similar to other Olympus waterproof cameras in the past. The small lens is located in the upper right corner (if you see it from the front). The lens is also well located inside the camera; even you use the zoom lens. You will find the flash in the middle of the camera body and next to the flash lays the LED light. In comparison with other cameras in the current market, this model looks a little bit different. For most other cameras, the lens housing is in the round shape and commonly large.

Just a small frustration when using this camera is that the control buttons is small on the back panel. Because of this small size, it is not comfortable to use. In addition, the contrast of the labels on the buttons is not enough in low light conditions. Therefore, this is a little bit inconvenient.



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