Long Lasting Camera Batteries


Long Lasting Camera Batteries

If you have found that the battery power of your digital model does not last long as you have seen it previously, this is not surprising. Obviously, the capacity of rechargeable batteries  shall decrease along the time you use the camera or when you reuse the battery frequently. The less powerful battery capacity is pretty annoying when you see the “battery empty” notification while trying to capture an once-in-a-lifetime moment. The following tips and tricks help you extend the battery life a little bit….even when your battery is becoming older.

How to have Long Lasting Camera Batteries

  • If there is an optical viewfinder to frame photos which is a small window at the back panel of the camera, you should not use the LCD screen and instead, use the viewfinder only. It takes more power to operate the LCD compared with a viewfinder.
  • Using the flash also causes the battery drain more quickly. In several situations, you must use the flash to shoot the photo; however, if it is possible, try to turn off the flash to save the battery life.
  • The longer time you spend for reviewing your images on the LCD screen even when you are not shooting photos, the more quickly your battery life drain compared to the number of images you can capture after one charge. The advice here is to review your images later when the fresh battery is ready, for example, when you come back home.
  • You can also use the saving feature of your camera to help the battery last longer. You may be worried that it is sometimes frustrating with this feature, when the model is in the “sleep mode” where the camera has not been used for a certain period of time. However, this feature is really useful in saving the battery power. To obtain the best result with this saving feature, activate the “sleep” mode as soon as possible. In several models, it may require you to wait after 15 or 30 seconds for the inactivity.
  • If it’s possible, lower the brightness of the LCD screen. The battery drains faster with the higher brightness level of the LCD. Of course, it is harder to view a dimmer LCD, especially under the bright sunlight, but the battery life can be extended with the above action.
  • If the option of taking some photos with the camera plugged into a wall outlet is available, select this option to save the battery life.
  • Don’t be fooled by the battery life measurement in some cameras given by the manufacturer because this measurement is often conducted in perfect lighting conditions when the battery life of these cameras has been tested. Those perfect lighting conditions are not what you can find in the real world. It will be very nice if you can have the batter life of 75% of what the manufacturer has claimed.
  • You should avoid fully draining the battery while you are recharging it. Some people may tell the opposite but it is not true to obtain the longest battery life. In fact, there is an “X” number of hours that you can use the battery. If some of these hours are spent to simply cause the battery drain, it will not last as long over its lifetime. The battery should be used normally and you should charge it when there is a need for a charge or after you have finished shooting. It is acceptable to charge the battery partially because this won’t affect it considerably. This may have been common for batteries from some years ago which can rechargeable, but now for newer batteries, it is not the case.
  • Try to avoid turning on and off the camera repeatedly. Whenever restarting most cameras, you will see an introductory screen for some seconds. Even though this does not take a lot of time, if the number of turning on and off the camera is about 10 times and more, you may lose one minute of the battery life or more. This can be the difference between quickly shooting the last nice photos and noticing the “battery empty” warning. Instead, you can use the “sleep” mode, as I have recommended before.
  • Lastly, it is common for the batteries which can be rechargeable to have the shorter life span when they have been used for time. It’s time for you to buy a second battery and make it available when necessary. If you see that you are constantly changing your shooting habits to attempt to save the power, you should purchase an addition battery as a way of backup or an “insurance policy.”

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