LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)


You can find a very wide LCD screen with the Sony Cyber-Shot G3

Clarification: LCD, as shortened for Liquid Crystal Display, refers to a displaying technology which is used for creating the camera screens attached in the back panel of most digital camera models. With a digital camera, you use an LCD screen to review the images, checking the available options of the camera menu. In addition, an LCD can be used as a live viewfinder.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

The LCDs which are rich of colors are even available in low-priced digital models nowadays. There may be not any independent viewfinder in several entry-level digital cameras, so you will have to make use of the LCD screen as a live viewfinder sometimes.

You can see the sharpness of an LCD in the specification list of a camera or check it through the total number of pixels that is displayed in an LCD.

The LCD screens are now available in nearly all digital image frames. The LCD is positioned inside the image frame and it is to display digital images.

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