Clarification: JPEG, as shortened for Joint Photographic Expert Group, is the most popularly used kind of image file format that is often found with a digital camera. JPEG, which has the pronunciation “jay-peg”, is a compressing form that helps significantly lower the size of files, which enables you to store a larger number of images on a camera memory card. Photographers at the beginning level will find this JPEG format very useful and convenient to use.

JPEG image

JPEG image

For most digital camera models which aim at the entry level, there are some various available levels of JPEG compression. But keep in mind that the more compression you have applied to digital photo files, the more the image quality is affected. At times, you may find artifacts with JPEG images that are at high compression. These are known as photo distortions that are caused by the file compression.

The JPEG compression should be kept as minimum as possible if you want to make prints of large sizes and the high quality.

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