Interchangeable Lenses


Nikon lens

You can have the capabilities to shoot photos at wide angles with Nikon lenses.  Nikon

Definition: Interchangeable lenses are the type of accessories that you can primarily find with advanced digital cameras, known as called digital SLR models. With a variety of lenses that can be interchangeable, you can obtain various types of photography results. For example, you can have powerful zoom capabilities while other lenses enable you to have photos in wide angles.

You’ll see an interchangeable lens which tightly fits the body of the camera as if this lens is attached permanently. It rotates into place on the body of the camera. You can press a button first and turn the lenses in the adverse side to replace a lens with another.

It requires using particular interchangeable lens for certain types and brand names of the bodies of the camera.

Also Called: DSLR lenses or external lenses

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