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General Electric (GE) has just entered the market of digital cameras for a short period of time but, this manufacturer has quickly released some remarkable models. GE models have been granted the license as General Imaging models. Most of the products for GE are point and shoot cameras, and among those cameras, there are several very interesting ones.

Obviously, GE is very big corporation and people think about this manufacturer for not only producing digital cameras.

The History of GE

Back to 1876, a laboratory was established by Thomas Edison in Menlo Park, New Jork. He was also the person who made the invention of the incandescent electric lamp and in 1980, he established a company named the Edison General Electric. Later in 1892, this company and the Thomson-Houston Company was merged together to form General Electric.

You can see a lot of the businesses since the earliest time that has still remained until now, which are electric lighting, power transmission, industrial products as well as medical equipment. In 1890s, electric fans by GE were launched into the market and in 1907, heating and cooking devices was first manufactured. These two businesses have been continued until now. In 1930, GE started to produce plastics, based on a lot of Edison experiments since the early days.

Nowadays, this company has not ever stopped innovating. For instance, the HD magnetic resonance (HDMR) machine was the first one of this product line in the world that has been developed by the healthcare division of the company in 2015. By 2007, a strong-powered white LED with a 50,000-hour rated life span was introduced to the market. Now the company has been the owner of NBC Universal and in 2008, this company has developed the website.

If you want to understand more about the history of GE, you can come to the Schenectady Museum in Schenectady, New York, where there are a lot of historical photos and further information about this extremely large corporation.

The General Imaging Company has been licensed worldwide for GE’s digital cameras. This company has the headquarter in Torrence, California. All of the product lines of GE digital model have been uploaded on the General Imaging website.

 GE Digital Cameras Nowadays

The targeted customers of GE’s digital models are beginner-level photographers and the price range is from $150 to $250.

  • A models. The models belonging to this series accounts for the most basic ones for beginner-level photographers. These cameras use AA batteries while the optical zoom lenses are commonly 3X. In addition, the measurement of CDs is 2.5 inches.
  • E models. For this series, the LCDs are larger, often ranging between 2.7 and 3.0 inches. Most of the cameras’ zoom lenses measure 4X or 5X.
  • G models. The products of this series are stylish camera and especially, they offer a number of unique features, for example the G3WP camera with the waterproof capability.

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