Fujifilm XF1 Review


Overview of the Fujifilm XF1 Camera

The Fujifilm XF1 is one of the more good looking cameras in the market at the present. It has a unique design with the synthetic leather covering. In addition, the aluminum trim and boxy shape help create its retro style.

The procedure for starting up the camera is really an odd. It will take a number of steps to turn on the camera’s power by twisting the manual zoom lens. The LCD screen is of high resolution. The performance levels are great. Moreover, you will be pleasured with the sharpness of images and this camera shall turn some heads.

You just cannot help ignoring the Fujifilm XF1.

However, some photographers will get annoyed with the odd start-up procedure and also with the fact that the optical zoom lens with this camera is small, only 4X. You will see a few other drawbacks with the XF1. In regards of the high price tag near $500, this is pretty disappointing.

If the look of the camera is appealing to you and what you need is a model with the unique style that you can be proud to show off to family and friends, the photographic quality with the XF1 is great, which can justify the high price of this camera. However, if you don’t really like the retro look of this camera as well as prefer another with a plain-old power button, perhaps the XF1 is not worth your consideration

Summary of the Fujifilm XF1 Camera


  • The resolution is 12.0 megapixels
  • The optical zoom is 4X (25-100mm)
  • The 3.0-inch LCD has the resolution of 460,000 pixels
  • The maximum image size is 4000 x 3000 pixels
  • The camera use a Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • The dimensions are 4.2 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches
  • The camera weighs 7.9 ounces (with battery and memory card included)
  • The 2/3 in image sensor use the CMOS technology
  • A HD 1080p movie mode is supported


  • The sharpness is great and the focus is very accurate, thanks to very good f/1.8 aperture lens
  • Stylish retro design will turn heads
  • LCD is sharp and you can control many aspects of the display
  • The performance is very good for low-light photography
  • The overall camera has the look and feel of a high-quality build


  • Odd start-up procedure slows performance
  • Small manual zoom lens, just limited to only a 4X
  • High price will deter some photographers
  • Flash isn’t quite as great as expected
  • Battery life is not really good
Fujifilm XF1 Camera Review Buy

Fujifilm XF1 Camera Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Fujifilm XF1 Camera

Image Quality

It is the large image sensor (0.67-inch or 2/3-inch) which partly contribute to the ability to produce nice photos with very accurate colors. For most of the time, the autofocus with this Fujifilm camera is extremely great and you will be pleasured with the sharpness of images. There is a manual focus dial with the XF1, but this focus may not be necessary for most photographers because the performance of the autofocus is already very good.

Even the resolution is just limited to 12 megapixels, the XF1 still outperforms some 16 megapixel point and shoot cameras with smaller image sensors thanks to its large image sensor.

In addition, because there is another nice feature that is the key component for producing high-quality images is the f/1.8 aperture lens. There may be more versatility with other lenses that offers larger zoom capabilities, but it won’t be easy at all to seek for in a fixed lens camera which has the better performance than the offerings of the XF1.

You can shoot pretty nice photos even with using the flash, although you may see that there is not enough power with the flash when you are attempting to turn to the far end of the flash range. The intensity of the XF1’s flash unit can be adjusted through using on-screen menus, though.

A full HD movie mode is supported with this camera and the movie quality is really nice.


Although most of the performance levels are excellent with the Fujifilm XF1, it is the odd start-up procedure which negatively affects the performance. It requires you to take several precise steps to turn on the camera by twisting the zoom lens. Even though you will become accustomed to carrying out this procedure later, it still takes 2-3 seconds for the camera to be turned on. The start-up could be much faster if there was a normal power button with the XF1.

You may miss some spontaneous photos because of this long start-up procedure. In addition, as you’re twisting the camera’s manual zoom lens, if it is twisted too far, you could inadvertently turn off the camera at last or switch it into a standby mode. This also can cause you not able to catch a spontaneous photo sometimes.

There is almost no shutter lag with the Fujifilm XF1 and you will not have to concern about the delays from shot to shot. If the camera had a faster start-up procedure, you would certainly have the almost perfect response times. Then again, some photographers will find it very attractive with the quirky start-up which contributes to the camera’s unique style.

One drawback with this camera is that it has a pretty small zoom lens – just only 4X (25mm to 100mm). With this small zoom, it will be tough to shoot images of animals in nature, where a large zoom is needed. If you are the one who want to shoot high-quality portrait photos in which you need necessarily a large zoom lens, this camera is a very nice option.

While a viewfinder is often included with some other advanced cameras, the XF1 doesn’t have one. It will require you to frame all of your photos by using the 3.0-inch LCD. Although the brightness and sharpness is good, you may encounter several issues with glare in outdoor lighting conditions. This feature is pretty disappointing for such a camera with this high price tag.

I hoped to see the better battery performance for a camera which included a manual zoom lens, but the battery life with the XF1 is just at the average to below average level. However, you may have to set up the LCD’s brightness quite frequently, the LCD glare will cause the camera to run out of the battery faster than you’d expect.


The sturdy feel of the Fujifilm XF1 really attracts me a lot. You will not feel any part of the camera cheap or flimsy. In general, you shall find it appealing with the high-quality overall package.

As the size of the camera is not large, I thought it would not be easy for using manual zoom lens. The lens is small, so in case that you are in a hurry, it is tough to adjust the zoom. While for most other large DSLR models that include a manual zoom, you can easily support the ccamera’s weight and use your left hand to twist the zoom lens naturally, it is not the same case for the smallish XF1. Therefore, it will be harder for you to twist the zoom lens.

Obviously, the look of the XF1 is unique, which is very appealing. With the synthetic leather covering, the XF1 has a classy retro look. In addition, this design also makes it easier for you to obtain a bit of a grip on the camera. Because this is a very thin and lightweight camera, it will be very nice to have this a bit of a grip on the camera.

The inclusion of the large LCD screen, a manual zoom lens, and a popup flash unit  all also make this one camera of a kind. The above mentioned odd start-up procedure is another aspect that is added to the odd design of the XF1.

Actually, not everyone will be attracted with these design features. If the design of the camera is not appealing to you, the price tag nearly $500 will be really high, as for most of interchangeable lens camera for the beginning levels with the similar price tag, you can have almost certainly more advanced photography features.



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