External Flash


An external flash refers to a part of add-on device which produce an artificial type of extremely strong light that can be useful when there is a lack of light in shooting photos. This type of flash has not been connected to a camera permanently.

external flash - Camera Components

external flash – Camera Components

An external flash is located on the top of a digital SLR camera

With entry-level digital cameras, you often see a built-in flash unit and the firing of the flash is often automatic whenever there is a need for more light. With the digital SLR models, the built-in flash units are not available, so you have to use external ones.

This flash is connected to a camera via a hot shoe that is commonly found at the top of a camera. Without this hot shoe, you cannot make your camera to work with the flash. You also find batteries of an external flash separated from the camera.

You can understand the definition of the flash as both the flash of light in the firing and the actual unit which produces the light.

Also Called: Flash

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