DIL (Digital Interchangeable Lens) Camera



You cannot find any mirror with the design of the NX10 DIL model

Definition: DIL camera, also known as Digital Interchangeable Lens camera, refers to a high-end digital model which uses the lenses that can be interchangeable. This type of camera is pretty similar to a DSLR model, but the difference is that there is no mirror with a DIL model.

DIL models cannot be called DSLR models due to the exclusion of any mirrors. In addition, a DSLR model is commonly not as thick and solid as a DIL model.

A DIL model is also known as a camera that has an electronic viewfinder and uses Interchangeable Lens or abbreviated as EVIL. Both the two abbreviations are telling you about the same kind of camera.

Also Called: Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens (EVIL) cameras

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