Camera Debate: Viewfinder Vs. LCD for Framing Photos


LCD screens are nice, right? It’s likely that these LCD screens are better for newer DSLR models launched into the market. And you will see the whole shooting frame that is captured by the camera sensor in the LCD, which is different from the operating way of the optical viewfinder. With optical viewfinders, you will see just 90-95% of the photos, even you’re using an advanced DSLR. A tiny percentage on the very edges of the photo will be lost.

Therefore, you will need to consider using the LCD screen or the viewfinder for framing an image with your DSLR model.

Although the LCDs are very nice, photographers who have a lot of experiences (not except me) will like to frame photos with the viewfinder. Below, I’ll clarify the reasons for this:

  • It’s easier to keep your hands steady with the viewfinder. It will be very challenging to hold the camera at your arm’s length while you are seeing the LCD screen and steady your camera while you’re attempting to zoom more closely on a subject. The images may be caused blur when you use the LCD in this manner. Digital SLRs aren’t the lightest of beasts and the viewfinder will be very much easier for you to shoot crisp and sharp photos when you have to press the camera up to your eye in using it. By using the viewfinder, it is better for supporting and steadying your lens and the entire camera with your hands.
  • There are certain problems with the LCD under the bright light. Obviously, this problem is the most significant for LCDs. Due to the glare appearing on LCDs under the bright light, you almost cannot see LCDs in these situations. Of course, this depends on the LCD quality but this problem is pretty common. Moreover, under the bright sunlight, the crystals included in the LCDs tend to “flare”, which increase the trouble in using LCDs under this type of condition.
  • The viewfinder helps save the power. In terms of the battery life, viewfinders help you save the power better than the LCD screens. When you are shooting outside and cannot have your battery recharged convenient, you will highly appreciate the strong battery power.
  • In terms of the human eye. When the day’s going to pass by, as smart as digital models are, the LCD resolve less detail than the human eye. Therefore, the view of your photos will be more accurate and sharper when you use the viewfinder.
  • LCD screen may not give you the exact overview of your images. Whether your LCDs are very good or not, you will probably not have the exactly precise overview of the photos that you have just shot. For the majority of LCDs, you’ll find your photos overexposed by as much as one full stop. It is recommended that you should find out thoroughly the technical aspects on photography so that you can make sure about the correct settings and proper exposure for your photos. Don’t just depend on the LCD to decide the image quality.

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