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Best USB Camera Cable for Transferring Photos


Question: How can I get the greatest USB cable for a camera for transmitting images?

There are a lot of standards for transmitting images from a digital camera to a computer, among which are the FireWire and USB. In relatively more advanced cameras, they have the capability to send the images via wireless networks. However, until now, the USB cable has been the most popular device for transmitting images.

Best USB Camera Cable for Transferring Photos

Best USB Camera Cable for Transferring Photos

One important thing that you should not forget while using a USB cable is that some camera models requires the USB cables to work with a mini-USB connector or other kinds of USB connecting devices that don’t follow any standard.  You need to have the proper connector to a USB cable when you buy a digital camera. In case that you want to substitute a USB cable, be careful in buying the correct device which has the right connectors.

For images of the high resolution which are produced by a digital SLR, the transmitting rate of your camera also needs to be high. This high transmitting rate is often found in some of the following devices:  USB 2.0 (with the maximum rate of 60 megabytes per one second), USB 3.0 (with the maximum rate of 625 megabytes per one second) and the FireWire (with the maximum rate of 100 megabytes per one second). The FireWire is often not available in point and shoot cameras.

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How To Shoot High Resolution Photos?


Q: What is the number of resolution to be considered the high resolution?

As a photographer at the beginning level, you can select one among a lot of resolution options in most recent digital cameras, which is very flexible for making reasonably sized prints. This means that the highest resolution number has not been as important as it was previously. Nowadays, the high resolution is available with most current models in the digital market.

Although it is important to have a large resolution for the high image quality, don’t forget that with a specific resolution, the image quality isn’t going to be the same for all digital models. Not only the resolution but the image sensor, the quality of the lens or the performance of a camera also have certain impacts on the image quality.

Depending on the purpose of using your photos, the resolution levels that you need for a DSLR or a point and shoot model may be different. You’ll need the higher resolution for prints of larger sizes. You’re going to be able to crop the image and still make a large print without having to worry about the image quality decrease if your images are of a high resolution level.

Unless you are an advanced photographer, it’ hard to accept the fact that the cameras recently will not have the resolution as you expect for producing a photo of high resolution. With the 10 MP resolution, it is easy to create extremely large prints and a higher number of resolution now are more and more common for most digital SLR models.

Instead of being concerned about the highest resolution level, you can try to set the appropriate exposure and ensure the nice lighting condition to have images of good quality.

You should also notice that a photo will be of higher quality with an image sensor of a larger size, even the two cameras have offered the same resolution amounts. Therefore, I can be sure that the number of resolution as well as megapixels won’t tell you all about a photo of high resolution. You should also pay attention to other aspects as well.

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Cameras for Shooting HD Photos and HD Videos


Cameras for Shooting HD Photos and HD Videos

Q: I intended to purchase an high definition digital model. I have decided that and I think that a point and shoot mode will be more appropriate for me than a mode of the SLR type. I got an HDTV, so I like to view my HD photos that I’ll be capturing on this TV. I also want to be able to record short HD modes sometimes. – M.O.

A: At the moment, if you are considering a point and shoot model, determine whether the still images of high quality which can be shown on your HDTV and the capacity to record short HD movies.

To obtain images with the sharpness and clarity on your HDTV, a model with the high resolution is recommended. The minimum resolution number should be 10 megapixels (MP) at minimum. In addition, the 16:9 shooting ratio needs to be included with the camera to help you obtain nice results which can be well displayed on your HDTV. Luckily, you will be satisfied with most newer point and shoot cameras now. There are a lot models for less than $300 that you can select to meet the above requirements.

Keep in mind that in a certain number of digital models, the 16:9 ratios are offered with limited resolution levels. For instance, if you see that the resolution of a camera is 10 MP at maximum, the 16:9 ratio is only offered with the 2 megapixel or 3 megapixel resolution. To ensure that the image quality is high enough for a good display on a HDTV of a large size, the images shot at the 16:9 ratio must be of high resolution. You should thoroughly check the maximum resolution of a camera when you shoot at the 16:9 ratio in the specifications list. This list is often located in the box or the manufacturer’s website of the camera. (Don’t forget that based on the quality and sized of your TV or monitor screen, your images still can be nicely shown, even when the resolution of the images is lower.

It is slightly tougher to seek for a point and shoot camera which has the capacity to record HD movies although now you can see more such camera in the market compared to one year previously. If the capacity to shoot HD movies is available is a digital mode, it will be nice to find that it is possible to capture short image, perhaps about 30 seconds.

Therefore, if you value the importance of HD movies more than with the still images of high quality, a camcorder will be nicer than a digital model. Or you may select dual cameras or digital SLR camera in the offering of high-end HD video capabilities.

Lastly, the largest capacity of a memory card is highly recommended for a model to capture about HD images and HD movies. It will require a very large space of memory card especially for recording HD movies.

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