Burst Mode


Clarification: Burst mode refers to a feature found in a digital camera for recording a series of images within a short duration. For instance, in one kind of burst mode, it is possible to capture 10 images in 3 seconds.

This mode is also called continuous shooting mode and the features of this mode are different in different digital cameras. In several digital cameras, you can find more than one kind of burst mode. When you select to shoot using the burst mode, your image size is often limited. The limitations from this mode sometimes depend on the remaining available storing space of the camera memory card. And you can configure the burst mode via the camera menus on the screen for other times.

Burst Mode

Burst Mode

The burst mode is especially nice for shooting subjects that are moving very quickly. In several digital cameras, there is one downside with this mode in which the LCD screen (or liquid crystal display) becomes blank when a photographer is shooting the images, which causes some difficulties in tracking the subjects.

Also Called: continuous shot mode or continuous shooting mode or continuous frame capture.

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