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Q: Which are the greatest memory cards?

There are some various sorts and brands of memory card which is available in the market now. It is not easy to define what the greatest memory cards are because regardless of slightly different strengths and weaknesses, the operation procedure and the results of these cards are pretty similar.



There are six basic kinds of camera memory cards, including: MultiMedia Card (MMC)CompactFlash (CF)SmartMedia (SM), Memory Stick (MS), xD-Picture Card (xD)  and  Secure Digital (SD),

In most of the times, you can only use one kind of memory card for each type of digital camera, you will not need to concern about decide the best memory card for a specific camera. Some advanced cameras can work with a few types of memory cards, so you can take time to look for a memory card that fit your shooting needs.

Most normal digital models use the SD type.

If you select the burst mode for shooting a large number of photos or movies, the memory card should have the quick write times, for instance. You should find out the Class rating for any type that you’re intend to buy. You will be very satisfied with the greatest performance levels with a memory card of the Class 10. The Class 4 or 6 are also pretty nice. You can look at the Class rating inside a circle logo on a memory card.

The fast memory card is also very useful when you want to capture and store large image files, for example with the RAW format. The memory buffer needs to be cleared so that the camera can record other images, so the write times must be fast and this is what the Class 10 can give support.

Several companies, have release memory cards with the wireless capability, so you can use these card ton transfer images through wireless networks.Eye-Fi is one popular manufacturer of this type of memory card.

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